2022 FCCC Schedule -Printable Version – 3-5-22


Session Descriptions

Charles Needle, Keynote Speaker

Keynote Address: Mindful Photography: Seeing in a Different Light

Drawing upon other photographers, as well as his own personal “Zen moments” in the field, Charles shares ways you can engage your mind, eye and heart so they are all in perfect synchronization, making you a better photographer and more in tune with your subject.

Impressionistic Photography: How to Use Your Camera (or Smartphone) as a Paintbrush

Unlock your creative potential and discover how to craft Impressionistic-looking photographs using nothing more than your digital camera or smartphone.  Charles describes the process of using long-exposure and multiple-exposure techniques to transform everyday scenes into unimaginable visual masterpieces.  Learn how to see in new ways and elevate your photography.

Vinny Colucci

Landscape Photography and the Graduated Filter

Vinny Colucci will go through techniques on using the Graduated Neutral Density Filter while photographing landscapes. The graduated filter is that must have filter to control and contain your dynamic range of your exposure in order to have a properly exposed image when that range is out of the capture capability of your camera. Blending backgrounds to you main subjects or blending the sky to your foreground, the graduated filter helps control what your camera is able to capture and allows you to record what you actually see while there. Multiple methods on using these filters under various conditions will be shown. Vinny will also show what he carries in filter choose under various circumstances.

Photographing wildlife and birds in Flight with Mirrorless Cameras

Vinny Colucci switched completely to mirrorless camera technology August 2018. He is 100% mirrorless and presently shoots the Nikon Z camera line. He has also tested and has shot the Fuji and Sony line of mirrorless cameras. Vinny will go over his camera settings and techniques that have allowed him to capture wildlife and well as those all difficult birds in flight with his mirrorless systems. He will show what his does and how he does it in hopes it helps you make a transition to the mirrorless. His keep it simple technique will help you make that next step.


Liron Gertsman, Sponsored by Hunt’s Photo & Video


Astro Photography

The night sky is full of spectacular space objects that can be revealed in remarkable detail using long exposure photography. Join photographer Liron Gertsman for a virtual exploration of the night sky, and learn what it takes to plan, execute, and post-process night sky photos. F rom beginner to advanced techniques, you’ll learn what it takes to achieve the most eye-catching and high-quality images for the stars.


John Gregor, Sponsored by Hunt’s Photo & Video

Night Sky Photography:

The majestic beauty of the Milky Way, or the stunning time lapse of a rotation of the stars, these images are fun to create but probably the most challenging of all genres of photography. From camera technique to post processing your workflow and technique have to be spot on. This workshop will review proper workflow so you can get the best from the night sky as a landscape. Topics covered include: how to ensure proper focus when it is pitch black, exposure settings, ISO, composition, planning a night time photo-shoot, post processing for maximum impact, and much more.


Ray Hennessey, Sponsored by Hunt’s Photo & Video


Post Production for Bird & Wildlife Photography

While I strive to capture my bird photograph the best I can in camera, there is no denying that for my style of bird photography post-processing can take a very good photo and make it great. Join me as I share some of the more common techniques I use to elevate my bird photos and I’ll also walk you through the process from start to finish while I edit a few select photos and make them look their best.


Jim Koepnick


Aviation photography and your style

No matter what your style of photography, aviation photography has creative options for you. It’s not just air shows…and it’s not just telephoto lenses.

Photographing aviation action.

Airplane action from the ground and in the air offers challenges to your technique and creativity.


Jackie Kramer

Artistic Floral Photography

Take your Image over the top with textures & creative editing

A good image is the foundation of greatness. We will focus on ways to move beyond a classic macro shot by employing creative editing techniques, such as multiples, and adding textures for interesting effects.

Lightpainting Flowers – Learn how to Sculpt with Light 

Jackie will demonstrate how to arrange indoor set ups and how to light and shoot flowers to bring out their character.


Jim LaSala, Sponsored by Hunt’s Photo & Video

The Colorful World Of Black And White

  • Understanding the importance of color for post processing your B&W images.
  • So many choices. What works best?
  • Lightroom/Photoshop vs Plugins?
  • Basic Post Processing
  • From RAW to PRINT

Mike Matthews

Macro Photography: “The Amazing World of Close Up  Photography”

Exploring this small world can be simply amazing, seeing detail that is not visible to the naked eye. Join me as we explore the this small but beautiful world. Let me show you how you can free yourself from the use of a tripod by using flash. I will also review the best choices for a macro lens, and how to get tack sharp images every time. Plus, we will discuss image stacking for incredible high magnification photography greater than one to one.

Birdwatching Through the Lens of Your Camera:

Birdwatching and feeding birds is one of the top activities of people around the world, and photographing them is probably a close second. Let me show you some of my secrets to capture some awesome photos of our feathered friends. I will help you to understand bird behavior and when is the best time to photograph. I will also cover the use of Auto ISO to get tack sharp images of birds in flight. In addition, I’ll discuss the use of flash for photographing hummingbirds in flight and I will share some of my favorite ideas for props, in order to capture great images of your backyard birds only inches away from your feeder.R>



Rinzi Ruiz, Sponsored by Hunt’s Photo & Video

Street Photography

Fujifilm X-Photographer, Rinzi Ruiz, will share his insights on street photography, share his photos and answer questions. He’ll go though his experiences and what he’s learned along the way about using available light to enhance composition, create mood and add dimension. Rinzi will also go though what he’s learned about people and the mindset to begin with to get out to shoot in order to get more comfortable and confident with shooting street photography.


Deborah Sandidge

Travel, Near and Far

Join Nikon Ambassador Deborah Sandidge as she shares with you how to capture your experiences through creative imagery, giving you a sense of being there in the

moment. Through this presentation, Deborah will share the conceptual elements of her imagery and how the art and technique of photography can bring an image to life.

Sensational Seascapes

Through Deborah’s photography, she strives to create an image that conveys what it feels like to be there—in other words, making it more of an experience. Learn how she envisions and photographs seascapes well before sunrise, the best methods to capture stars and the rushing tide, and how to create dramatic sunsets and beyond.

Rob Sylvan

Using Local Adjustments in Lightroom Classic

Explore how local adjustment tools can draw attention to your subject, enhance important details, and lead the viewer’s eye through the scene. Learn to leverage the power of the Adjustment Brush, Graduated Filter, and Radial Filter to make focused adjustments on specific subjects, features, and regions within your photos.

Using Lightroom Classic and Photoshop Together

Lightroom Classic and Photoshop are the dynamic duo of photo editing. Learn how to get the most out of these two programs, explore the round-trip workflow, configure settings for best results, and discover new ways of using them together that you may not have considered.


Emilie Talpin, Sponsored by OM Digital Solutions

The Minimalist Approach to Macro Photography

GAS, also known in the photography community as Gear Acquisition Syndrome, is a real problem in our consumer society.  In this program, Olympus photographer Emilie Talpin will shed light on her minimalist approach to macro photography from her gear to her shooting method.  There is no reason macro photography can’t be easy without breaking the bank; you just need to choose what is right for you and let your curiosity and creativity do the work.


Fun with Water Drops – The Art of Capturing Refraction

In this program, Olympus photographer Emilie Talpin will immerse you in the world of water drop photography, also known as refraction.  If you are not familiar with this term, refraction is when the light passes from one medium and into another, affecting the direction of the light.  In macro photography, the capture of a background subject into a foreground water drop is a good illustration of refraction.  We will learn how to capture such images and go over the equipment needed as well as techniques and tips to make a successful photo.

Jonathan Thorpe, Sponsored by Tamron

lighting vs illumination

See how to light photos aside from just lighting up a dark space or area. Lighting is a tool that can be used to tell a story, evoke emotion, or help bring the subject to life. Join Jonathan as he presents a series of images that show how using 1 light all the way to up 6, can create images that have more of a cinematic quality vs a total still. You’ll also learn the importance of using the location your subject is in to help progress the narrative, and how in every photo, there’s always two subjects.

Shiv Verma

Creating Exceptional Landscapes

A detailed program on landscape photography.

When we are out and looking at a landscape or seascape we typically let our eyes wander looking for elements that we find appealing.  Though we can see vast scenes, our brain tends to ignore all but the most appealing – our eyes focus and we absorb the visual so we can remember the experience. Regretfully, our cameras and lenses are just tools and have no human brain like capability – we need to train our lenses on the scene, compose and focus using the best possible light so as to capture a compelling photograph. Easier said than done.  Creating a great landscape requires a lot more than just being at the place. This program will cover:

  • Pre-visualising
  • Storytelling
  • Composition
  • Color
  • Focusing
  • Focus Stacking
  • Exposure and Time Blending
  • Panoramas


Astro and Night Photography

This program includes photographing the night skies, milky way and star trails but also techniques for creating star stacks, start trails and time lapse capture.

You will learn

  • Camera settings — Shutter speed, aperture, BULB, ISO, white balance for optimum nighttime exposures
  • Using the histogram in RGB mode
  • Taking High ISO test shots for calculation and composition
  • Combining ambient light for exceptional astro landscapes
  • Shooting base exposures and flat frame, dark frame exposures and combining these for noise free images
  • Post processing techniques
  • Shooting and creating time-lapse sequences and videos
  • Light painting
  • Also covered is Live Composite shooting available is some Lumix Cameras.

Demo Session Descriptions

Laowa Demonstration with Stephen Neff

Join Stephen Neff from Laowa for a live demo and educational seminar as he breaks down the lineup of lenses they offer. Stephen will have some hands-on examples to show off the extreme macro capabilities of some of their lenses and answer all of your questions!

Hunt’s Photo Education Demo with Emily Hojnowski and Paul Nelson

Hunt’s Photo Education is all about learning photography, but what sets our Education apart from the rest? Join educators Emily Hojnowski and Paul Nelson from Hunt’s Photo Education as they discuss what sets our Online Classes and Photo Adventures apart from the rest.

Hunt’s Photo is a New England-based photo retailer with an emphasis on customer service and the Education department lives up to that emphasis through our knowledgeable, fun instructors!

Tamron Lens Demo with Andrew Martin

Join Tamron sales rep Andrew Martin for a live look into some of their new mirrorless lenses for Sony and Fuji as well as the rest of their lens lineup!

Swarovski Demo with Clay Taylor

Join Clay Taylor from Swarovski for a demo session on digiscoping with your camera and the benefits of using a scope over a telephoto lens!

Photographing New England with Noah Buchanan

Join Noah Buchanan from Hunt’s photo for an exciting session about his favorite photography locations in New England. Noah is based out of Portland, ME, and specializes in landscape photography. Some of the locations he will cover include Acadia National Park, White Mountain National Forest, and Baxter state park! Noah will also discuss some of the best gear and equipment to bring with you to these locations as well!

Olympus Special Features with Mike Amico

Join Olympus’ Mike Amico for some conversation, as he helps you get started using some of the special features found in your OM-D camera! In this class, Mike will go over some of his favorite features, like Live Composite Mode, Pro Capture Mode, and more. Grab your camera and get ready for some fun!

Creative Composition from Wide Angle to Close Up with Tamron’s Jillian Bell

Consider your subject; which focal length will give you your desired result?  From Telephoto compression, stacking shapes and vast landscapes to Ultra wide images of unconventional subject matter.  Jillian will show you new ways to shake up traditional styles.

Photo workshops as an Immersive Traveling Experience in Greece

Photography beyond Technicity:  the importance of aesthetics and its story-telling power. Learn how to sharpen your skills in photography and broaden your perception through a joyful and inspiring photo-traveling experience and cultural adventure in some of the most intriguing places all around Greece.