Printable Conference Schedule – As of 2-9-21

Session Descriptions

Tim Grey

Live Keynote: Take Your Best Shot: Top Lessons Learned in Photography with Tim Grey

Join Tim Grey as he shares the top lessons he has learned over the years that have impacted his photography, from technical, creative, and inspirational perspectives. These lessons when applied can help you take your best shot too!

Live: Maximum Control in Photoshop with Tim Grey

Gain control of your images. In this session, we will primarily focus on applying targeted adjustments and getting sophisticated with some of the global adjustments.

Live: Staying Organized in Lightroom Classic with Tim Grey

It’s time to get organized! This session focuses on workflow tips to make sure you can always find the photo you’re looking for.

Bryan Peterson

Live Keynote: In Search of Adjectives, not Nouns with Bryan Peterson

This is a lecture that is designed to spell the marked difference
between a noun and the adjective and many times the adjective gets
‘lost’ in the noun and the goal of this keynote is to help the
viewer formulate a vision to fine tune the overall composition, forgoing
the noun and instead emphasizing the adjective; lens choice, leading
lines, textures, gestures and color.

Live: Learning to See Creatively and Understanding Color with Bryan Peterson

Are you having trouble ‘seeing’?  Do you often find yourself heading out the door with the intention of capturing some really compelling images only to come back empty-handed?  Are you long on ideas but short on execution?  This one hour slide talk lecture has been seen and describe by thousands as “the most inspiring, thought provoking, inspirational and motivating presentation on creativity unlike anything else!”

From people to landscapes, street photography to abstracts, this presentation will have you running for your camera as you learn not only that there is so much “out there to shoot” but also learn how to capture in a compelling and memorable way!


Pre-Recorded with Live Q&A at the End: Understanding Color with Bryan Peterson

Do you undertstand the psychologoy of COLOR? Did you know that every color we see is actually ‘rejected color’? What does your use of color say about you? What two ‘tricks’ can be used over and over in creating compelling landscapes with color?  What is meant by ‘visual weight’ and now does this apply to color?  What area of the frame needs ALL of your attention, yet it always gets overlooked?  Do you know which colors are called upon the most when creating out of focus tones or shapes? When it comes to ‘seeing’ color did you know your light meter is like a dog? Based in part on Bryan’s book Understanding Color, this presentation will not only have you seeing RED, (and all of the other colors too) but also how to expose for it and create powerful and lasting compostions, that are first and foremost all about color.


Marie Altenburg


Live: Providing an Artistic Look to Your Photos using Textures with Marie Altenburg

Textures can transform simple snapshots into works of art. In this presentation, you will learn how to prepare your photos and apply textures to them as you process your images into artistic renditions of the original photo.

Live: Using Textures to Hide Distracting Backgrounds with Marie Altenburg

Distracting backgrounds are often prevalent when photographing zoo animals, people, and other scenarios where changing your background is impossible. In this presentation, you’ll learn how textures can solve that problem so you can focus your attention on the subject of your photo and create an artistic result.


Noah Buchanan, Sponsored by Hunt’s Photo & Video


Live: The Mirrorless Camera with Noah Buchanan, Sponsored by Hunt’s Photo & Video

The mirrorless program is designed to inform and educate people on the pros and cons of Mirrorless cameras as well as clear up misconceptions that are commonly known about them. The program will touch on the following topics.

-Mirrorless vs DSLR

-Lens options

-Explanation of the electronic viewfinder

-Adaptability of old lenses and different mounts

-Entry level and professional level options.

-In body stabilization

-and more!


Mark Buckler


Live: Creating Extraordinary Bird and Wildlife Images with Mark Buckler

Renowned wildlife and nature photographer (and former wildlife biologist), Mark Buckler,  will share his secrets to creating more interesting and compelling images of birds and wildlife.   He will cover the techniques and settings that he uses while prioritizing capturing animal behavior.

Pre-Recorded: Creating Compelling Images of the Coast with Mark Buckler

Mark will share a series of tips, learned over decades of photographic experience, that will dramatically improve your photos of the coast (and other landscapes as well).  Discover essential techniques and explore a variety of ways to create compelling, distinctive images that exhibit your own creative vision.


Cameron Darnell, Sponsored by Hunt’s Photo & Video


Live: Lighting for Bird Photography by Cameron Darnell, Sponsored by Hunt’s Photo & Video

Birds provide a myriad of opportunities for artistic expression beyond a standard portrait. Whether the photographer utilizes light, negative space or depth of field, capturing a variety of unique compositions can create a visually stunning bird portfolio. In this workshop, Cameron will explain how to create a thoughtful image that tells a bird’s story. He will share descriptions and image examples highlighting various techniques for becoming a more creative bird photographer.


Melvin Guante, Sponsored by Hunt’s Photo & Video


Live: Infrared Photography in Landscape BW by Melvin Gunante

Landscape photography is the type of photography that draws people to it. The allure of magically transporting your viewers to that magical place and letting them feel what you felt as you click the shutter. That ability is what is so appealing to Landscape photography.

Before, to take a great image. Lots of very heavy equipment and expensive camera was needed. Now our smart phone is capable of great capture.

To stand out from the crowd I use IR to capture my Landscape images. You still need to consider the other elements in a photograph such as composition, lighting, and storytelling to take it from snapshot to gallery.

IR Photography is mysterious as it is awe inspiring. It elicits such a wide-ranging response as spooky and eerie to ethereal and surreal. It gives you as much creative liberty as you desire. When done well, you will produce images that will take your breath away.

We will discuss briefly about what is IR, from definition to history to application. Next, we will cover how I use it for my BW Landscape. We will go over the different nm, and the expected results of each to help your creative process.

Finally, we will go over the Post Processing. We will discuss step by step the different software and particular use for each to make your stunning breath-taking masterpiece.

Come join us for this magical ride!


Lewis Kemper


Live: Using the Local Adjustment Tools to take your images beyond ordinary with Lewis Kemper

Learn how to use the Graduated Filter, Adjustment Brush, and the Radial Filter, found in both Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom, to set your images apart from the crowd. Take the ordinary and make it extraordinary with these tips and techniques.


Pre-Recorded: Night Photography with Lewis Kemper

Lewis Kemper guides you through all the tips and techniques you need to make successful night images. From cityscapes to stars, Lewis covers the tools needed, how to  calculate exposure, techniques such as zooming to create motion, double exposures, time lapse, star trails, HDR, and more.

Ben Knoot, Sponsored by Hunt’s Photo & Video


Live: Mastering Flight Photography with Ben Knoot, Sponsored by Hunt’s Photo &Video

It’s not a secret, bird in flight photography is a challenge. Join Olympus Educator and Tropical Birding Tours guide Ben Knoot for an hour and fifteen minute long class on improving your flight photography. Ben will walk you through ideal camera settings as well as what you may want to think about while in the field and executing your photo. This class is good for beginners, intermediate and advanced photographers.




Bobbi Lane


Live: Drag the Shutter: Balancing Strobe and Ambient Light with Bobbi Lane

This tricky technique involves finding the exposure balance between the flash that lights the subject and the background ambient. The flash freezes the action and shaking, zooming and panning the camera creates dynamic effects! Bobbi demos the step by step process, including using color gels, for people, things and places.

Pre-Recorded: Portraits Unplugged: Finding the Beauty in Natural Light with Bobbi Lane

Any time of day can work for flattering or effective environmental portraits provided you learn to “see” the light/shadow and place your subject appropriately for the description and mood. We work with window light, backlight, open shade and garage door lighting and use reflectors for more control.


David Marx


Live: How To Shoot Stunning Sunsets and Sunrises with David Marx

It takes special skills to make your photos sunrise and sunset photos standout. David Marx will share his sunset and sunrise secrets with you in this lively lecture. Throughout this talk, you will learn how to predict exactly where and when the sun will rise, or set, anywhere on Earth.

Live: Improve Your Landscape Photography With Adobe Photoshop Lightroom with David Marx

Great photographs require a compelling composition and post-processing precision. In this lecture, David Marx will demonstrate the essential tools and techniques that you need to make your landscape photographs pop using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic.  Throughout this recorded demonstration, you will learn how to get the most out of your images using tools that anyone can master inside of Adobe Lightroom Classic.

Colleen Miniuk


Live: Finding Your Creative Voice with Colleen Miniuk

Using insights from her three artist-in-residencies in Acadia National Park, Colleen will share how feeding the creative process, tapping into conceptual blending, and stealing like an artist can help you transform from a photographer who takes pretty pictures into a visual artist who makes meaningful visual expressions from life experiences.

Pre-Recorded with Live Q&A: No More Rules! Human Perceptions in Composition with Colleen Miniuk

Join Colleen for an insightful presentation that shares how understanding and incorporating human perception (not rules!) can help elicit specific responses from our viewers. Learn how people respond to positioning, lines, layers, and light, color combinations, and other visual language to help you visually communicate more effectively and emotionally.


Mike Moats

Live: Macro Photography – Getting Started with Mike Moats

Learn about what cameras and lenses work best for macro photography.  Making sure you have all the right tools and accessories in your camera bag to control the light, wind, and environment you are shooting in. Also covered will be controlling depth of field, which is what most macro photographers tend to struggle with.

Pre-Recorded: The Four Seasons of Macro Photography with Mike Moats

With each month that passes, the life cycle of the plants, flowers, and bugs, are constantly changing.  Mike will take you through the four seasons, and help you search out and find many of the amazing artworks that mother nature creates through out the year.

Emil von Maltitz

Live: The Element Approach to Landscape Composition with Emil von Maltitz
Discussing composition in landscape photography and how the element approach can be incorporated into both learning and improving composition.

Pre-recorded with Live Q&A at the End: Imaging the Landscape – Finding Story in Landscape imaging with Emil von Maltitz
A look at how photographers can improve their landscape photography by incorporating the concept of story into the way they approach their landscape compositions.