Local Workshop – Fort Myers, FL

FCCC Macro Photography Workshop with Mike Matthews Sponsored by DPI-SIG

Location: Homewood Suites in Fort Myers, FL

Date: March 12th

Morning Workshop Time: 9:00am-12:00pm

Afternoon Workshop Time: 1:00pm-4:00pm

Have you ever wanted to learn more about Marco Photography? Then this workshop is for you! Come join Mike Matthews as he shows you the different ways to capture amazing images of a variety of subjects. This “hands-on” workshop will cover topics like how to use flash just inches from your subject without having to use a tripod and how to get the maximum depth of field and sharpness for small subjects. This is going to be an exciting workshop, and Mike will have many subjects for you to photograph! There will also be 5-6 live animals like the red eyed tree frog, dart frogs, and geckos to name a few. So, come join the fun as we explore this beautiful but small world through the lens of your camera!

3 Hour Workshop Cost:

$125 if registered by January 1st, 2022

$149 if registered after January 1st, 2022

Email mike@mikematthewsphotography.com to register! Mike accepts PayPal and checks.

Call Mike Matthews at 502-612-6434 with any workshop questions!

Local Workshop – Palm Beach, FL

Tips to Instantly Improve Your Photography Sponsored by Valencia Falls Photography Study Group

Location: Virtual Presentation and Mounts Botanical Gardens In Field Practice Session

Date: March 8th, 2022 (Review Session on March 25th)

Virtual Presentation: 10:00 AM

In Field Practice Session: 1:00 PM

Improve Your Next Shots!

During this presentation, Lou and Todd Nettlehorst will illustrate the critical tips for every shot and introduce you to even more tips to enhance your images. With a little practice you’ll see immediate improvement. These tips will help you begin making shots instead of taking them! After the presentation, join us in the field to implement and practice those tips. We will then follow up what you have learned and practiced with an image feedback session to help you improve even more.

Workshop Costs:

Virtual Presentation: $20 for FCCC Members

In Field Practice Session: $50 for FCCC Members (includes admission to Mounts Botanical Gardens)

Email Ira Dwoskin at iradwoskin@gmail.com to register! In Field Practice Session Space is limited!

Are you a Club Rep and want to coordinate a workshop for you club? Contact conferenceinfo@f3c.org for more information!

Please note: Conference Tickets and Workshop Tickets are Sold Separately!