Joe Edelman, Sponsored by Olympus

Lighting doesn’t have to be difficult, and even in the bright Florida sun there is beautiful light to be made using natural reflectors or handheld reflectors. Joe will show you how to find the beautiful light to shape and flatter your model. He will cover the art of finding good light at any time of the day, how to recognize great backgrounds when you see them, and how to turn a horrible background into a work of art. Joe will also cover prep and posing of your subjects to create magnificent natural light images.

Recommended Equipment:

  • A Desire to be Creative!
  • Pen and Pad for Taking Notes
  • Camera with Portrait Lenses (ideally short to medium length telephoto fixed focal length or prime)

Olympus camera and lenses will be on hand for your to try out if you are “Olympus Curious!”

This session will be held in Sugden Hall, Room 111 on Friday March 6th from 2:00pm until 5:00pm.