During this workshop you will learn how to see light and composition and how to capture truly unique images that will open up your artistic vision. Art will help you to grow in your creativity and knowledge and photographically. This workshop includes hands-on experience outside the classroom on campus. This session will be held in… Read More

You will learn the key underlying concepts that are critical to understanding how to use flash effectively in the field. Topics will include the inverse square law, front vs. rear sync, high-speed sync, flash zoom, manual vs. automatic flash, main vs. fill flash, and flash exposure composition. This session will be held in Sugden Hall,… Read More

Unlock your creative potential and discover how to craft impressionistic-looking photographs using nothing but your digital camera or smartphone.  Charles will describe the process of using long-exposure and multiple-exposure techniques to transform everyday scenes into unimaginable visual masterpieces. His program will begin with a short inspirational slide show, followed by a nuts-and-bolts approach to learning… Read More